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collins w the two destinies

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Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. The Two Destinies explores the powers of telepathy while telling a skillful tale that interweaves suspense with the familiar ingredients of Victorian melodrama. Mary Dermody is destined to be together with George Germaine one day, or so at least her grandmother prophesizes. Destiny at first does not seem to adhere to this plan, and the pair is separated and lose sight of each other. But when George saves a young woman from drowning, a strong connection seems to develop between them, which seems to be almost supernatural. The Frozen Deep is a story of a love triangle between Clara, Frank and Richard. Exchanging vows of love with sailor Frank Aldersley the night before his departure, Clara Burnham is haunted by the memory of Richard Wardour, and his mistaken belief that they will one day marry. With her gift of 'Second Sight', Clara foresees terrible tragedy ahead and is racked by guilt.

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