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follett k the pillars of the earth

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When it comes to achieving mastery of fundraising, technical skills are important, of course.Many of us believe we are successful. We have attended conferences and seminars over the years. We learned about the stages of getting a gift, best practices, and the latest marketing techniques.But is this enough? Is this all there is?In Zen and the Art of Fundraising: 8 More Pillars of Success, Alexandra Pia Brovey invites us to continue our journey to true mastery that began with her acclaimed first book, Zen and the Art of Fundraising: 8 Pillars of Success.Brovey identifies sixteen traits or qualities, what she calls pillars, of success. She covers the first eight pillars in Zen and the Art of Fundraising: 8 Pillars of Success. In this second book, she reveals eight more pillars: Passion; Honesty; Courage; Resilience; Gratitude; Acceptance; Positivity; and Intuition.Much of the power of these books comes from Brovey’s examination of the pillars through a Zen filter. While most of us are expected to pursue more gifts and larger gifts over time, we need to be passionate, honest, and courageous, taking time to be in the moment — to appreciate each donor, each gift, and each interaction.Displaying resilience and gratitude, while being accepting, positive, and intuitive, are all explored in the context of fundraisers and fundraising.The ultimate test is preparing ourselves so that we can successfully help donors make a gift, a larger gift, or a repeat gift. These pillars not only help ...

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