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The Mistletoe Phenomenon: Magnus Carstens, an eminent glaciologist, recently had to change his life: he's become his nephew Jakob's guardian, has taken a new job as a park ranger, and moved them to Mistletoe, Wyoming. There he meets Lance Rivera, who is working in his sister's store to make a living after his lover took off with all their money. When Lance and Magnum come together, literally under the mistletoe, both realize all they really want is a family to love.The Solstice Mistletoe Effect: Lance and Magnus have a new life as a family with Jakob, but when they visit Magnus's parents in Sweden, they are not happy. Magnus seems oblivious to the woman they think more suitable, but when an attractive job offer is added to the mix, Lance faces a crisis: What if Magnus chooses the new job and a life with Sigrid over the family he's started with Lance and Jakob?The Mistletoe Experiment: Lance is on cloud nine. Magnus proposed and they're moving their family to Sweden for Magnus's new job. But when an unexpected threat to their relationship surfaces, their new life turns out to be very different from what they had hoped. Will Lance and Magnus's love be strong enough to make their Mistletoe Experiment a success?