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What makes good sermons? And how do they come to be? Appropriating insights from the history of rhetoric and modern communications theory, Robin Meyers proposes that truly effective sermons involve more than moralistic proselytizing or ""three points and a joke."" Rather, the preacher must enter into dialogue--not only with Scripture and the congregation but creatively with him- or herself as well. This willingness to listen to one's own sermon, this willingess to be freshly persuaded, will help enable the preacher to communicate with greater passion, insight, poetry, and clarity.""An original piece of work . . . The author brings to the field of homiletics his knowledge of the history of rhetoric and contemporary theories of communication in a way that will enrich the discipline considerably. . . Meyers is quite well focused in his approach to what has been a continuing problem in preaching, the assumption by both clergy and laity that the preacher delivers prepaid that of which he or she is unreservedly convinced, a package for the congregation's acceptance or rejection. Meyers's proposal moves toward being radical in that he suggests that even in the act of preaching the preacher is being persuaded. . . . As a continuation of the current discussion in homiletics this [is] a valuable book.""--Charles L. Rice, Drew University, Emeritus""A clearly written, well-researched book. . . . Meyers writes with a flair. His style is ...